18 Years Factory Fiber Patch Cord - LC Single Mode Pigtail Optical Fiber With 12 Core Ribbon Fiber Cable – TTI

Detailed Product Description
Connector Type: LC Ferrule End-face: UPC/PC
Fiber Type: OM1 OM2 Cable Type: 12 CORES
Cable OD: 0.9/2.0/3.0mm Cable Jacket: PVC/LSZH/OFNR/OFNP Outer Jacket
Cable Length: 1M, 2M, 3M Or Customized Cable Color: Orange, Yellow, Aqua, Purple, Violet Or Customized

Single mode LC Fiber Optic Pigtail with 12 core Ribbon Fiber Cable




Low Insertion Loss & PDL

Factory-terminated and Tested

Fiber Options: G.652 /G.657/OM1/OM2/OM3 and PM Panda Fiber

Connector Options: FC/SC/LC/ST/MU/E2000/MT-RJ/MPO/MTP

Polishing Options: PC/UPC/APC

Feature Connector with Ceramic Ferrules

Local Area Networks (LANs)

Data processing networks

Test equipment

Premise installations

Wide Area Networks (WANs)

Telecommunication networks

Active device termination



Style LC,SC,ST,FC.MU,MPO, SC/APC,FC/APC,LC/APC.MU/APC        Duplex MTRJ/Female, MTRJ/Male
Fiber Type 9/125 SMF-28 or equivalent (Singlemode) OS1 50/125, 62.5/125 (Multimode) OM2&OM1 50/125,

10G (Multimode) OM3

Cable Type Simplex, Duplex (Zipcord) Φ3.0mm, Φ2.0mm, Φ1.8mm Φ1.6mm PVC or LSZH Φ0.9mm, Φ0.6mm buffered fiber


Polishing Manner UPC,SPC,APC (8°& 6°)
Insertion Loss ≤ 0.1dB (For Singlemode Master) ≤ 0.25dB (For Singlemode Standard) ≤ 0.25dB (For Multimode) Tested by JDS RM 3750
Return Loss (For Singlemode) UPC ≥ 50dB SPC ≥ 55dB APC ≥ 60dB (typ.65dB)

Tested by JDS RM3750

Repeatability ±0.1dB
Operating Temperature -40C to 85C
Geometry Requirement (For Singlemode) Ferrule Endface Radius 7mm ≤ R ≤ 12mm (For APC) 10mm ≤ R ≤ 25mm (For Standard) Apex Offset ≤ 30 μm (For Master) Apex Offset ≤ 50 μm (For Standard) Undercut -50nm ≤ U ≤ 50nm Tested by DORC ZX-1

Order Information:

Boot (cable)




Fiber Type Cable number Application Length
0.9mm Black 9/125μm (SM) Simplex PC Customized
2.0mm Green 50/125μm (MM) Duplex APC  
3.0mm Red 62.5/125μm (MM) Fan-out (4f)    
      Fan-out (6f)    
      Fan-out (8f)    
      Fan-out (12f)    


Product Picture:

LC  Single Mode Pigtail Optical Fiber With 12 Core Ribbon Fiber Cable


optical fiber pigtail,

pigtail optical fiber

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