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Detailed Product Description
Cable Type: Outdoor Fiber Type: SM/MM
Cable Core: 2-24 Cable Jacket: LSZH/MDPE/HDPE
Structure: Uni-Tube Jacket: Black


GYFTY OM3 / OM4 Fiber Cable with Black MDPE / HDPE Outer Jacket



Loose Tube Single Jacket All Dielectric cables are lightweight with small diameter and designed for duct and aerial(lashed) installation.




High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant

Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber
Excellent crush resistance and flexibility
The following measures are taken to ensure the cable water -proof performance

Single Fiber Reinforced Plastic as the central strength member
Loose tube is filled with special filling compound
100% cable core filling


Laying modes: Aerial & Conduit/Duct.

Rural communication

Local trunk line


Computer networks system



Fiber Type G.652 G.655 50/125^m 62.5/125^m


850 nm <3.0 dB/km <3.3 dB/km
1300 nm <1.0 dB/km <1.0 dB/km
1310 nm <0.36 dB/km <0.40 dB/km
1550 nm <0.22 dB/km <0.23 dB/km
Bandwidth 850 nm >500 MHz-km >200 Mhz-km
1300 nm >500 MHz-km >500 Mhz-km
Numerical Aperture 0.200±0.015 NA 0.275±0.015 NA
Cable Cut-off Wavelength cc <1260 nm <1450 nm


Structure and Technical Specifications:










Allowable Tensile Load


Allowable Crush Resistance
Short Term Long Term Short Term Long Term
2~12 8.6 95 1500 600 1000 300
14~24 9.0 110 1500 600 1000 300

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Product Picture:

High Strength Fiber Optic Wire OM3 / OM4 With Black MDPE / HDPE Outer Jacket


armored fiber optic cable,

armored fiber cable

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