Factory source Sc Splitter 1×16 - MU Fixed Optical Attenuator For Singlemode Multimode Fiber Cable – TTI

Detailed Product Description
Connector Type: MU Mode: Singlemode, Multimode
Type: Simplex, Duplex Ferrule: Zirconia/Ceramic, Metal
Housing: Metal, Plastic Color: Red, White, Black, Yellow Color
End-face: PC, UPC, APC Structure: Variable



MTRJ Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuator for Singlemode Multimode Fiber Cable




Fiber Optic Attenuator is used in a wide variety of applications and can satisfy almost any requirement where a reduction in power is needed.



Fixed Attenuator(Fixed Type FC, SC, ST, LC)

Female to male type ( FC, SC, ST, LC)

In-Line Attenuator(Fused and Fiber Jumpers Type)

High Return Loss(In-Line and High RL Type)

Exact and Stable Attenuation(Variable Type)




Testing equipment

Fiber optical CATV

Fiber optical sensor

Fiber optical telecommunication system

Fiber optic systems




Parameters FC,SC, LC, ST, MU, DIN, E2000, MTRJ, Hybrid
Attenuation Range  0dB ~ 30dB
Operation Wavelength SM: 1260-600nm, or 1310nm/1550nm
MM:850nm, 1310nm
Return Loss ≤50dB (PC)
≤55dB (UPC)
≤65dB (APC)
Attenuation Accuracy ±0.5dB (1 ~ 10 dB)
±10% of Attenuation Value  (11~30 dB)
Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) ≤0.2dB
Exchangeability ≤0.2dB
Repeatability ≤0.2dB
Durability ≤0.2dB Typical 1000 matings
Maximum Optical Input Power 200mW
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +75°C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85°C


Order Information:


SC/UPC-SM-5dB-Female&Male type

Step 1: Connector type: FC, SC, LC, ST, MU
Step 2: Ferrule End-face: PC, UPC, APC
Step 3: Type: Single-mode, Multimode
Step 4: Attenuation: 1-10dB(1dB step), 15, 20, 25, 30dB
Step 5: Mode: Fixed, Female&Male, In-line, Variable
Step 6: Wavelength: 1310nm, 1550nm, 850nm, 1300nm


MU Fixed Optical Attenuator For Singlemode Multimode Fiber Cable



variable optical attenuator,

single mode fiber attenuator

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