Factory wholesale 12 Fiber Mtp Patch Cord - ABS Fiber Optic Splice Closure 288 Ribbon Fiber Optic Enclosure – TTI

Detailed Product Description
Structure: In-line Type Max Capacity: 288 Core
Material: PC, ABS, MP Color: Black, White, Grey
Port: 4 In, 4 Out Size: 435*190*170mm



288 Ribbon Fiber Splice Closure , ABS Fiber Optic Splice Closure



The optic fiber splice closures are widely apply for the connecting of optical cable.
Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure can be used in aerial, duct and direct buried application.
Fiber splice closures are made of the high quality material and with the mechanical sealing structure filled with the sealing material. It can be reopened and reused without changing sealing material.


For aerial,buried,wall and pipe wall people use wells
Ring using a special material that can be repeatedly opened, re-use

Valve and grounding devices can be installed
Advanced internal structure design
Easy to re-enter, it never requires re-entry tool it
Splice tray easy to use page design
Quick way to make use of open sealed maintenance easier


Suitable for single core fiber optic cable and ribbon fiber optic cable.

It is belonged to open structure airproof tie-in system of machine pressure.
It is used for the protective connection between two or more optical cables.

It is widely used for communication, network system, cabled T.V. of CATV, the fiber optic cable by network.

Main Technical Indexes:

Re-encapsulation performance: no change in the index of air-proof performance after three times of repeat encapsulation
Airproof performance: Airing pressure inside box 100Kpa, pointer immovability after 24 hours or no air bell within 15min when parked in the common temperature water.



Type FOSC-H001 FOSC-H002 FOSC-H003 FOSC-H004 FOSC-H005 FOSC-H006
Size(mm) 435*190*85 435*190*120 435*190*120 435*190*80 435*190*170 420*150*110
Cable diameter(mm) Φ 10 – Φ 17 Φ 10 – Φ 22 Φ 10 – Φ 22 Φ 10 – Φ 17 Φ 10 – Φ 22 Φ 10 – Φ 23
Max capacity(core) 96 168 192 96 288 96
Cable port 2 in, 2 out 4 in, 4 out 3 in, 3 out
Sealing structure Sticky cincture
Weight(kg) 2.6 2.8 2.6 2.3 4.7 2


ABS Fiber Optic Splice Closure 288 Ribbon Fiber Optic Enclosure


fiber optic enclosure,

outdoor fiber splice enclosure

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