GJSFJV Indoor One Tube Two Core Armored Optical Cable


GJSFJV cable structure is to wrap a layer of flat stainless steel wire armor around the surface of two 900 or 600 micron tightly sheathed optical fibers, uniformly lay multiple strands of aramid outside the armor layer, and then extrude the PVC (or LSZH) jacket.


♦ Double-core optical cable with steel wire armor, improve the compressive and rat bite resistance, high-strength aramid reinforced, high-performance sheath material outer protection.           

♦ Light weight, soft, flexible, easy to connect.         

♦ It has good mechanical and environmental performance.           

♦ Flame retardant or non-flammable exterior protection, providing good safety protection


Comply with Standard YD/T 1258.2-2003, ICEA-596, GR-409, IEC794, etc.

Meet the requirements of UL approval for OFNR and OFNP.

Section of fiber optic cable   

铠装 8

Optical characteristics     

  G.652 G.655 50/125μm 62.5/125μm
Attenuation  @850nm ≤3.0dB/km ≤3.0dB/km
@1300nm ≤1.0dB/km ≤1.0dB/km
@1310nm ≤0.36dB/km
@1550nm ≤0.22dB/km ≤0.23dB/km

 Structural parameters of fiber optic cable     

Cable Type Fiber Count Tight Diameter (mm) Cable Diameter (mm) Cable Weight(kg/km) Tensile Strength(N/100mm) Crush Resistance(N/100mm) Bending Radius (mm)
Short Term Long Term Short Term Long Term Static Dynamic  
GJSFJV 2 0.6 3.2 15 750 300 1000 200 10D 20D
GJSFJV 2 0.9 4 28 750 300 1000 200 10D 20D
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