GJYXFHS Butterfly-introducing cable


GJYXFHS Butterfly-introducing cable is placed in the center of the optical communication unit, and two parallel non-metallic reinforcing elements (FRP) are placed on both sides to extrude a black low-smoke halogen-free sheath. The steel strip is wrapped with a moisture barrier and the PE sheath is finally extruded.


♦  Special bend-resistant fiber for greater bandwidth and enhanced network transmission characteristics
♦  Two parallel FRPs provide good compression resistance and protect the fiber
♦  Cable is simple in structure, light in weight and practical
♦  Unique groove design, easy to peel, easy to connect, simplify installation and maintenance
♦  Low-smoke, halogen-free flame retardant jacket, environmentally friendly
♦  PE exterior protection has excellent UV resistance
♦  Double coated steel strip (PSP) improves the moisture resistance of the cable

Section of fiber optic cable    

皮线 16

Optical characteristics     

  G.652 G.655 50/125μm 62.5/125μm
Attenuation  @850nm ≤3.0dB/km ≤3.0dB/km
@1300nm ≤1.0dB/km ≤1.0dB/km
@1310nm ≤0.36dB/km
@1550nm ≤0.22dB/km ≤0.23dB/km

 Structural parameters of fiber optic cable     

Cable Type Fiber Count Cable Diameter (mm) Cable Weight(kg/km) Tensile Strength(N/100mm) Crush Resistance(N/100mm) Bending Radius (mm)
Short Term Long Term Short Term Long Term Static Dynamic  
GJYXFHS 1~2 7.4 59 600 200 2000 1000 15D 30D

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