LC SC FC ST Fiber Pigtails Fiber Optic Distribution Box 24 Port

Detailed Product Description
Mode: Wall Mounted Connector: SC, LC
Material: PC, ABS Port: 2in, 24out
Application: Indoor, Outdoor Color: Black, White, Grey

24 Port LC SC FC ST Fiber Pigtails Fiber Optic Distribution Box


Fiber optic terminal box is available for the distribution and terminal connection for various kinds of optical fiber system, especially suitable for mini-network terminal distribution, in which the optical cables, patch cores or pigtails are connected.


1. Cold-rolled steel made, electrostatic spraying, durable, fine appearance;
2. Installed with one 1×48 or two 2×24 PLC splitter cassette;
3. FTTH mini fiber optical distribution case, including 2 pcs tray with 12 pcs of heat shrinkable protection sleeves, totally 48 sleeves, with SC or LC adaptor panel, max up to 4 panels;
4. with 7 let/out fiber ports,with wall mounting bracket.
5. Outdoor box can be open 180º, free operation space;
6. Resonable fiber path, clear sign;
7. Good cable fixing grounding device and indoor covered wire points;
8. Capacity is optional from 4 cores to 48 cores;
8. Outlet ports leading fiber optic cable spliced with pigtail or PLC splitter, outlet ports lead covered wires connect with quick connector.


FTTH access network
CATV Networks
Telecommunication Networks
Data communications Networks

Operation conditions:
Temperatures:-40℃ — 60℃
Humidity:93% at 40℃
Air Pressure:62kPa – 101kPa

Technical parameters:

Environment Temperature -25°C~+55°C
Relative Humidity <85%(when the temperature is below 30)
Atmospheric Pressure 70-106KPa
Insulation Resistance ≥2×104MΩ/500VDC
Voltage Resistance Strength NON-puncture, no arc-cover under 3KVDC/1min
Insertion Loss PC>40dB, UPC>50dB, APC>60dB
Connection Life Span >1000 times



Type FDB-04 FDB-08 FDB-16 FDB-24 FDB-32 FDB-48
Size(mm) 210*140*40 205*215*55 260*320*90 295*335*115 350*340*120 350*340*120
Cable ports 4 8 16 24 32 48
Weight(kg) 0.35 0.75 1.4 2.1 3.5 5


Product Picture:

LC SC FC ST Fiber Pigtails Fiber Optic Distribution Box 24 Port


fiber distribution box,

fibre optic termination box

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