ODC-2,ODC-4 Core Outdoor Waterproof Fiber Optical Patch Cord


The ODC Connector together with the far transmission cable, are becoming the standard interface specified in 4G, 5G and Wimax Base Station remote radios and FTTA (Fiber-to-the-Antenna) applications.ODC outdoor waterproof connector with screw locking mechanism to ensure safe and reliable connection, the design guide pins, you can use one hand blind mating connector installation simple and quick to do.The ODC Cable assemblies have passed testes like salt mist, vibration and shock and meet protection class IP67. They are well suited for Industrial and Aerospace and Defense applications.


♦ IP67 protection, salt-mist proof, and EMI protection.

♦Robust fiber-optic connector for 2 and 4 channels with screwed mating mechanism.

♦ High shock, vibration, and mechanical resistance.

♦ Broad temperature range and wide range of indoor and outdoor cables.

♦ Guiding mechanism, you can use one hand blind plug, connection quickly and easily install.

♦Fulfills performance standard IEC 61753-1 Cat.E.

♦ Wide range of operational temperature for outside plant -40 to+85°C.


Outdoor harsh environment fiber optic communications using.

Military communication devices.

Oil, mining communication connection.

The wireless Remote base station.

Video surveillance systems.

♦ Fiber sensing.

♦ Railway signal control using.

♦ Intelligent substation station communication.

Assembly Structure Schematic Diagram     


Standard type ODC-2 plug


Standard type ODC-2 socket-square small


Optical Performance     

Model SM MM
 Fiber Count  2 core/4core
Polish  PC
Housing Color Metal Metal
Test Eavelength 1310/1550nm 850/1300nm
Insertion Loss less than 0.50dB  Less than 0.50dB
Return Loss   >45dB >25dB
Durability (500 matings) less than 0.2dB 
Cable OD  7.0mm armored / non armored or customized
Storage temperature  -20~70℃
Operating temperature  -40~85℃

Section of fiber optic cable     



Fiber OS2,OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4
Tension member Aramid Kevlar,Armoured Tube
Max. attenuation SM:≤0.36dB/km at 1310nm,≤0.22dB/km at 1550nm
MM:≤1.0dB/km at 1300nm,≤0.30dB/km at 850nm
Tensile resistance long term 500 N
short term 1200 N
Crush resistance long term 200 N/100m
short term 1000 N/100m

Bending Radius

Static 30D
Dynamic 15D



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