OTDR Test Extension Line, OTDR Launch Cable

OTDR Test Extension Line, OTDR Launch Cable


mainly used to compensate for the OTDR test blind area,central fiber without any fusion joint,small volume, light weight Easy to carry.
♦ Support single-mode and multimode fiber customization.
♦ length 1KM(Customized).

♦ with excellent sealing performance, waterproof and dustproof explosion-proof.

Support customers to customize FC, SC, LC, st and other connectors.


Function of OTDR test extension line/Launch Cable

Optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) is based on the principle of light backscatter and Fresnel reverse. It is an indispensable tool in the detection and maintenance of optical communication network. Not only can fiber loss test be carried out, but also can be used to locate the breakpoint, fusion point and other fiber fault location in optical network. However, there is also a “blind area” in OTDR detection. If proper measures are not taken, the accuracy of the test results will be directly affected. Using OTDR extension line is a common method to reduce the impact of “blind area”.

What is OTDR test extension line/Launch Cable

OTDR extension cable is similar to optical fiber skipping. There is no fusion point in the middle of optical fiber. In the optical fiber test process, OTDR extension cable is the insertion loss and reflectivity of the near end connection and the far end connection of the optical fiber line when using OTDR measurement, which is mainly used to fill the blind area of OTDR test.


During the use of OTDR test extension cable, the following points shall be noted: 

1: In order to ensure the accuracy of test results, the length of test extension line shall be enough to cover the whole blind area of OTDR;  

2: as with the optical fiber jumper, there are different types of OTDR test extension cable connectors. We should select the appropriate test extension cable according to the OTDR interface and the interface type of the tested link.

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